Powerboy Natural, LLC

Powerboy Natural, LLC


Powerboy Natural, LLC, is a small start-up company based in Vancouver,
Washington with manufacturing in Portland, Oregon. Powerboy Natural was
founded in 2007 by President and CEO Rodney Hawthorne, fitness trainer and
entrepreneur who earned his Sports & Physiology degree at Oregon State

The company’s foundation is based on the principals of natural health using
natural ingredients to fuel and sustain the focus and energy for individual
productivity. PBN supports a small dedicated staff whose primary mission is to
educate people on the importance of healthy living.

Powerboy Natural currently carries one branded consumable focus drink,
boasting four unique flavors. PBN also promotes and sells specialty clothing
items adorned with the company’s carefully crafted logo, a lightning bolt in a
leaf — “Organic Octane.” These specialty clothing items convey a powerful and
symbolic message of intelligent health and smart vitality.

Powerboy Natural, LLC
Vancouver, WA 98685
800-252-6748 / 360-896-4041fax

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